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Do you have a diagnosis?

Some people feel relieved when they receive a diagnosis of dementia, others may feel devastated, anxious, angry and fearful about the future. Each person’s response is as individual as they are…

Within our sessions you will have the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about your feelings in a confidential environment.

You can begin to understand how your diagnosis may impact upon different areas of your life and your relationships with others. Therapy can help to reduce feelings of anxiety and help you to regain your sense of confidence and control within your life.

During our sessions you will be able to develop coping strategies to help you to manage your memory loss and make practical and emotional adjustments that will enable you to carry on leading a full and active life. You may also wish to resolve issues from earlier in your life such as bereavement, childhood abuse or other trauma that you have found to be troubling.

Are you worried about your memory and have not had a diagnosis?

If you are worried about your memory and would like to discuss your concerns, I can help you to identify how your difficulties are impacting on different areas of your life and to develop coping strategies to manage your memory loss.

I always advise people who are worried about their memory to pursue a diagnosis if their G.P. has eliminated any other underlying cause for their memory loss. Diagnosis can be a positive step towards receiving drug treatments, support and services.

Within our sessions I will provide you with the emotional support that you may need, as well as information and advice throughout the process of assessment, diagnosis and following your diagnosis.

Has memory loss or dementia affected you as a couple?

When one of you develops memory loss or receives a diagnosis of dementia it can have a significant impact on both of your lives both practically and emotionally. There may be changes within your relationship such as changes in mood, sexuality, confidence and the traditional roles within your partnership.

Within our sessions we will be able to explore how you both feel about memory loss or your diagnosis, changes within your relationship with each other, hopes and fears for the future and how you can learn to look forward in more positive ways.

Through our sessions we can work together to improve your communication and your understanding of each other. This can help to strengthen your relationship and allow you to continue to enjoy a full and active life together.

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