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Has memory loss or dementia affected you as a family?

As family members of someone who is experiencing memory difficulties and possibly other symptoms of dementia, you may wonder if what you are saying or doing is helpful or distressing to your loved one. Families sometimes have conflicting opinions regarding what is in their loved one’s best interests, which may cause a strain within their individual relationships. Within our sessions we can work towards resolving possible areas of conflict and enable you to make fully informed decisions as a family regarding what is in your loved one’s best interests.

When a family member develops memory loss and has a diagnosis of dementia, others within the family may experience feelings of distress, fear, loss, guilt, anger and possibly denial that anything is wrong. These are all normal feelings! Within our sessions we can explore your feelings and the psychological effects of how dementia symptoms may impact upon you as family members and upon your loved one.

By exploring your feelings about changes within your relationships with the person who has dementia you can begin to understand yourselves better, improve and strengthen your communication, your approaches to certain situations and your family relationships.

Need Advice and Practical Support?

As an Independent Social Worker I can provide you with practical advice regarding some of the following issues:-

  • Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).
  • Choices in care/rights and entitlements.
  • N.H.S. Continuing Healthcare Funding.
  • Mental Capacity.
  • Advance Decisions.
  • Assistive Technology.

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